Realities of parenting!

Realities of parenting (just for a laugh!)

Zero alone time.

I mean zero.

Quiet shower time? No – as soon as you get water on your head you hear crying-  was it crying? You check – only to find that no, there isn’t crying. So now you are worried – why is it quiet?


You have company while you shower, whether that company is a bub in their bouncer or a toddler asking you about your bits and wanting a detailed description of exactly what you are doing.

Even when all is quiet and you are in bed – there is a monitor quietly humming away – ready to alert you if your child coughs

Having to take annual leave from work to have time alone, while the kids are at daycare / school. Yes people do it – and yes it is allowed! You deserve time alone to relax and watch Netflix!


Indigestion starts in pregnancy and rolls on through to parenthood. Usually caused by parents trying to stuff food into their mouths as quickly as possible, whilst also feeding a child with the other hand.

Sleep deprivation…………… Enough said?………., coffee anyone?!

 Enjoying the little things.

My daughter loves watching ants, and birds and planes and bugs and insects and pretty much – many things I had forgotten about. She takes joy in the small things which has grown my appreciation as well.

Slower pace of living.

Things slowdown. Kids walk slowly…..and run very quickly! It is actually really lovely.

Though actually – the pace changes. Especially when cramming 4 schedules into 1. Your priorities change. You have to leave work on time – as you can pick up 2 children, cook dinner, have bath time (throw a load of washing in in-between) read books and spend 3 hours trying to get them to sleep!

A child’s innocence.

Kids don’t filter. They verbalise their thoughts, they squeeze their tummies with joy and giggle if someone farts.


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