1 in 5 women experience miscarriage.
Miscarriage is an experience wicih is soul wrenching and a taboo topic.
Taboo as so many of us experience miscarriage yet do not discuss it.
As soon as we find out that we are pregnant – the future bounds in front of us – will the baby be a boy / girl? Whose eyes, nose, hands will they have? Will they be sporty, academic? And then the count down is on to meet them.
That positive test sends us all on a ride that we will never forget,
and for many – it is heart wrenching.
Interesting that when we find out that we are pregnant – we notice so many pregnant women and babies around us.
And then if miscarriage were to occur – the gut wrenching fact is – that they are still around us- pregnant, or having had babies- in their perfect bugaboo strollers, with lamaze toys hanging off the edge and a Sofie giraffe in tow just in case.
It is ok to be jealous.
It is ok to feel anger, and sadness and loss.
It is ok to still signify the date that your baby should have been born onto this earth.
And, yes, it is ok to still move on.


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